Friday, August 2, 2013

More of the Fugly

Why is it so fun to watch Christians behaving badly? The world may never know.

These faith healer preachers are so full of it. You would think that since they are supposedly representatives of the Almighty God that they would be under great pressure to tell the truth. But these liars do not tell the truth because the truth is that what they believe in (or claim to believe in) is a giant lie.

Why do some Christians behave badly? Well, maybe a good look at their object of love and devotion ought to be closer examined. That pretty little Psalm about the Lord being your shepherd is not all that great when you really examine it up close.

Another great way to determine why many God believing people behave so poorly is took take a gander at the Bible itself. The Bible is rife with followers of God behaving poorly and committing sin after sin (sometimes under the direct instruction of God).

Oh, Jesus Christ! This is too goddamn funny!! The little wheels on the cross are quite novel.

One of my favorite examples of Christians behaving poorly is the way some try to convert the non-believing masses by manipulating fear of death and the possibility of the ultimate evil (Satan and hell) sucking you down into untold terror.

Boy, some people just do not get it. It doesn't matter that someone does not believe in Jesus and your claims of "walking" with Jesus. All that matters is that you believe it. And as an added bonus, if you believe what you are claiming strongly enough then it just may be true.

I have a hard time believing that any great divine being would behave in the fashion these folks behave in or that He would encourage or recommend them to behave in such a stupid manner.

Oh wow.

The Phelps family is one of the best arguments against religions.

Hey, Texans are gonna do whatever it is they want to do. It has always been that way. If they want to drive to school every morning with an open container in the car and a six-shooter hanging from their belt to go teach that some genie-in-a-bottle God poofed everything in existence...well...who fucking cares. Let them be as ridiculous as they want. All that matters to me is that I have the choice to NOT subject my children to such if I so please.


All hail the worst congregation of recent history.

Maybe the reason that so many believers behave so ridiculously is because what they believe in is so ridiculous. How can people go through their lives like this? There are a b-zillion laws of nature that we can observe and test and prove, or at least formulate valid theories on. We live by these and create by these and often ridicule those who refuse to acknowledge such. Think about when people used to think the earth was flat or that everything revolved around the sun. Lunacy, right? But so many of these people who would ridicule the ignorance and refusal to acknowledge natural laws that can be proven without a doubt then turn around and ridicule those who refuse to believe in a big nothing (God) that consists of zero truth, zero fact, zero proof.

Oh yes, I think that there are plenty of people who are religious fanatics who have some kind of mental issue. I do not think all people who believe in God have a mental problem. For some, not all, I think it simply has to do with straight-up stupidity.

There are many facets of religion that are utterly stupid.

This made it to the evening news? Yikes.

This is pretty good. I would encourage you to look up more of this woman's videos as she has a lot of interesting and well thought out things to say.

Holy shit. This woman is completely and totally out of her goddamn mind.

For pete's sake, there is no goddamn proof as to the validity of the Bible and the existence of Jesus. Please. Who cares why people believe in Jesus and God. Jesus and God are not real and all of the supposed proof that Christianity offers is nothing substantive or anywhere near valid.

Ahhh. Sooo, the LORD gave you a dream last night? Did you happen to take some Ambien washed down with a tincture of Vodka right before the dream?

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