Monday, July 8, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and The Fugly

Let's cut straight to the Fugly:
Religious People Behaving Badly

So, if you follow what the fellow in this video is saying Christians don't drink and beat their wives and smack their kids around. REALLY? Then this preacher moron uses the story of a druggie who was burned over 80% of his body in an effort to convert the unwary.

Holy shit. Holy, holy shit. When I first saw this video I was absolutely horrified about this mother's reaction to her kid saying he did not believe in God anymore. I think she went just a TAD overboard. What is the deal, Mom? You seriously need to chill.

Whoever told this guy he could sing was lying out of their ass. Oh dear Jesus. Someone needs to save this man from his shame and STOP him from singing for Jesus or anyone else.

Well, what we have here is a man of God who kills his wife. Lovely. Look up this killer preacher guy on old DatelineID shows. I think there is even one on 48Hours. Just go to YouTube and type it in and it will come up. The who story is so twisted.

OOOohhhhhh WOW!!

This is Grizzly Adams on acid.

What the fuck is this supposed to be? Is it Jesus who is sneaking around, sneaking around? watchinggggggg over meeeeeeee!!! Tippity-toe, naughty me? Who the hell wrote the lyrics to this fucked up song?

This is totally and completely priceless, awesome, hilarious, entertaining, and a WHOLE bunch of other stuff. Listen to this woman go absolutely ape shit as she says she is a God-warrior and demands that (in the name of Jesus) that the film crew leave her house. Listen to her hilarious comments about 'other sided' stuff. Hah!

Surely you knew I would put this in here? It is too funny and creepy to pass up!

Hahhhaaha!!! Listen to the name of this church that the pastor gives at about 41 seconds in.


Wow...this guy seriously needs to cut back on the caffeinated coffee. He seems just a tad wound up in his thinking that this singer guy is particularly evil.

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