Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Psalms Part III

     We are continuing with the questions I have for verses in the Bible. Again, and yes I have stated this many times before, if you cannot handle the idea that the Bible SHOULD be scrutinized and questioned DO NOT read these postings. If you cannot handle profanity-laced questions (such as mine are) DO NOT read any further. 

     In addition, if you think you have an answer to any one of these questions please give your answer in the comments section. If your answer is comprised of another Bible verse be sure to leave the passage location so that I may find it.

1. Psalms 10:1
     1 Why do you stand far off, Yahweh? Why do you hide yourself in times of trouble?

     1. Is God/Yahweh standing far off because He is busy watching the melee He has caused unfold?

     2. Is God/Yahweh standing far off because He is the douche Who has caused all of whatever is going on and, while He DOES enjoy the fruits of His evil labors, He really does not want to be standing too close because someone just might figure out it is God/Yahweh screwing things up and not man?

2. Psalms 10:4
   The wicked, in the pride of his face, has no room in his thoughts for God.

     1. So, if a person does not wish to think about or believe in the  God of the Bible that person is to be considered wicked, correct?

     2. If God is THE Creator, and if God created man with a mind that can (and often does) believe in many deities OTHER THAN God (or even believing in no deities at all), isn't it a wicked God Who, according to His voracious appetite for blood and pain and sorrow, says HE is THE God and there are no others and if you say or believe differently there will be hell to pay, quite literally? 

3. Psalms 10:9
     He lurks in secret as a lion in his ambush. He lies in wait to catch the helpless. He catches the helpless, when he draws him in his net.

     1. Right. Are you going to tell me that God is SO much better in His intentions when He Himself made the decision to send out a young lion to shred a prophet God was pissed at?

4. Psalms 10:11
     11 He says in his heart, "God has forgotten. He hides his face. He will never see it."

     1. And what, pray tell, does God say in HIS heart about man? That He has man right where He wants him? That He can do whatever He wants to man because man has no fucking clue and God has all of the power anyway?

5. Psalms 10:16
     16 Yahweh is King forever and ever! The nations will perish out of his land.

     1. And WHY have so many nations perished from His land? Is it because of God's insatiable appetite for violence and blood? Is it because of God's insistence that EVERYONE worship Him, or else?

6. Psalms 10:18

     18 to judge the fatherless and the oppressed, that man who is of the earth may terrify no more. For the Chief Musician. By David.

     1. Hasn't it always been God and not mortal man Who has terrorized, especially when you consider that according to the Book of Genesis it was GOD Who purposely put enmity within man?

     2. Be honest now in answering this question, alright? WHO says to kill this or that person/people because they believe or worship different, or love or work different, or eat or dress different?

     3. Man doesn't come anywhere close to being the oppressive terrorist that God is, does he?

7. Psalm 11:2

     2 For, behold, the wicked bend their bows. They set their arrows on the strings, that they may shoot in darkness at the upright in heart.

     1. And WHY do the wicked do this? WHO is it Who is constantly turning and guiding and forcing the hand of the wicked?

     2. How many wicked men would there REALLY be if God did not purposely and continuously put people up to doing stupid, mean shit?

8. Psalm 11:7

     7 For Yahweh is righteous. He loves righteousness. The upright shall see his face. For the Chief Musician; upon an eight-stringed lyre. A Psalm of David.

     1. Loves righteous deeds? Are you fucking high? Would you call Yahweh hijacking the freewill of Pharaoh in order to make the Egyptians appear as godless and stubborn so that God could murder them a righteous deed?

     2.  Would you call God allowing Lot's daughters to get Lot drunk so that they could rape him and get pregnant a righteous deed?

     3. Would you call God allowing King David to murder Uriah, allowing King David to steal Uriah's wife, and then God making the resulting baby DIE as punishment when the baby isn't the one who did anything wrong in the first fucking place a righteous deed?

     4. Where in the fuckey-doo did God get His definition of righteousness?

9. Psalm 12:1

     1 Help, Yahweh; for the godly man ceases. For the faithful fail from among the children of men.

     1. Oh, please! Don't you think that Yahweh's version of the godly man being one who devotes complete, fear-laced attention to glorifying God...well, don't you find this to be screwy at best?

10. Psalm 12:6

     6 The words of Yahweh are flawless words, as silver refined in a clay furnace, purified seven times.

     1. Right. Is this flawlessness the reason why so many people from so many religions fight over the supposed true words of God?

     2. If the words of Yahweh are pure why in the blazing blue do such words need any type of refinement or purification?

     3. Purified seven times? Doesn't this imply that there was a previous state of imperfection? What does this say about God's supposedly flawless words?

     4. The words of Yahweh are pure bullshit, right? I mean, His own chosen people STILL don't have the mega land inheritance promised to them by their God, right (and the teeny little strip of dust they currently inhabit does not even come close to fulfilling the grand promise of land made in the Old Testament, so don't go there)?

11. Psalm 13:1

     1 How long, Yahweh? Will you forget me forever? How long will you hide your face from me?

     1. Don't you think the answer to this would depend on how badly a person has pissed God off?

     2. How can a perfect God have a memory problem and forget anything?

     3. How in the fuck can God hide when He is supposed to be omni-present?

     4. If God COULD hide wouldn't that imply He is NOT everywhere after all, thus making His purported characteristic of omni-presence null and void?

     5. Can God undo Himself? Wouldn't an action taken by God to hide Himself and thus revoke His own omni-presence be the very same as God undoing Himself?

     6. Why in the hell ask how long God will be locked in His divine state of forgetfulness if you are also going to ask if God will be forgetting forever? Do you see the lack of logic in this line of questioning in this verse?

12. Psalm 13:6
     6 I will sing to Yahweh, because he has been good to me. For the Chief Musician. By David.

     1. Sure. I read what God did to your ancestors in the desert after supposedly fleeing Egypt. Are you sure you are not singing to Yahweh because you are batshit with fear over what God will do to you or your kids if you don't sing to Him?

13. Psalm 16:1-2
     1 Preserve me, God, for in you do I take refuge.

     2 My soul, you have said to Yahweh, "You are my Lord. Apart from you I have no good thing."

     1. Considering WWII alone, wouldn't you be more accurate to say that there isn't refuge to be found in God?

     2. How can this verse so obtusely state that apart from God there is no good thing when the simple fact is that when people try to part from God He either fucks with them in seriously sadistic ways, or flat out kills them?

     3. Isn't it true that there ARE many good things outside of God, but that God finds novel ways to either fuck up those good things or revokes them in their entirety?

14. Psalm 16:9
     9 Therefore my heart is glad, and my tongue rejoices. My body shall also dwell in safety.

     1. You are out of your fucking mind. Since when has what God done to His people qualify as His people dwelling securely in or because of God, hummm?

15. Psalm 17:8
     8 Keep me as the apple of your eye. Hide me under the shadow of your wings,

     1. The apple of your eye? You mean like the supposed bad apple that Adam and Eve ate that appeared to be really good, but that really turned out to be rather evil?

16. Psalm 18:10
     10 He rode on a cherub, and flew. Yes, he soared on the wings of the wind.

     1. Okay, never mind the UFO undertones of this verse, but doesn't this verse sound like something from a Rainbow Bright cartoon?

17. Psalm 18:14
     14 He sent out his arrows, and scattered them; Yes, great lightning bolts, and routed them.

     1. You mean like how Zeus and Thor throw about bolts of lightning to defeat their enemies?

18. Psalm 18:16
     16 He sent from on high. He took me. He drew me out of many waters.

     1. Uh, no. You dumb twat, wasn't it your God Who brought the goddamn great waters in the first place to destroy damn near everyone and everything on the friggin' planet during Noah's time?

     2. Wouldn't a more accurate verse say that God held the head of man UNDER the water?

19. Psalm 18:20
     20 Yahweh has rewarded me according to my righteousness. According to the cleanness of my hands has he recompensed me.

     1. No He fucking hasn't! Yahweh recompensed according to the level of anger He was feeling at the time He did whatever it was He did, right? It had nothing to do with righteousness, did it?