Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Things People Believe

What parts of any of these Bible verses or stories make you want to believe and trust and love the God of the Bible?

Belief, when manipulated and distorted, can be one of the most absurd, cruel, delusional, ludicrous, hateful, disrespecting, terrible, and evil forces ever known to man. Of course, belief can also be a very good thing but we will not be discussing that here. The potential/actual goodness of belief is not in question. It is the potential/actual terrible and evil qualities of belief that are in question.

Many individuals who hold the Bible and God and Jesus and Salvation and all of that as actual truth, seemingly squander their stores of belief on a spiritual/religious system that deludes and brainwashes its followers into submission.

As you read and listen to these verses and stories I want you to utilize logic and truly consider whether or not there is any viable reason to believe what the verse/story has to say. In addition, if you happen to be a Christian/believer, I want to challenge you to drop the The-Bible-Is-True-Because-The-Bible-And-God-And-Jesus-Say-It-Is-True routine crapola, and instead be absolutely honest with yourself and answer this simple question: Is this something that I would believe in if my eternal salvation did NOT pivot on whether or not I believe such a thing as absolute, divine, ultimate truth? Seriously. If you knew that God would let you into the pearly gates EVEN IF YOU DID NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING IN THE BIBLE AS ACTUAL AND LITERAL TRUTH would you still believe the verse/story?

In this first video you will see one of the most problematic stories of the Bible: The Flood. The Flood. The Flood is a harrowing tale of man's ever-present disobedience to God, God  losing His cool and ending up regretting His creation of man, and God's Nazi Germany solution of killing every body but a select few.

I am racking my brain for an answer as to why believers/Christians would believe that God's commandment to kill all those who work on the Sabbath is okay or ever was okay. Which part of that commandment makes you want to believe anything the Bible has to say? If believing such a ludicrous rule were NOT necessary in order to be considered a child of God would you still believe it?

Why does God disguise Himself as a burning bush? What is the reason for this? Is it because Moses would otherwise not believe it was God speaking to him? Why a burning bush? God is supposed the be the ultimate in creativity and picks a burning bush? God being all powerful (the Bible says this time after time) there is never a reason to disguise Himself. Why do folks believe this absurd story? It is in the same category as the present day so-called miracles where the Virgin Mary is in a ham sandwich or Jesus' face in on a freeway billboard or any other stupidity like that. Show me ONE thing about this story that makes it even remotely believable. One thing.

This story is an excellent example of the horrible nature of the Bible and God. Why would people want to believe this? How can people look at this and choose to love or believe or trust God when He clearly exhibits the capacity and will and purpose to trick, mislead and terrorize.

And people want to believe this story and the Bible that it appears in as God's inspired truth? If all scripture is God-breathed and profitable for teaching, Christians of the world should read this story to their children in an effort to build their faith and trust in God.

The Tower of Babel is an acutely stupid story mainly because an all-knowing God would not have bothered with it. Why? Such a God would know it is impossible to build anything that literally reaches from the ground/earth straight up into space/heaven.

And to think people teach this bullshit story to their children and to each other as truth. Which part of this insane story resonates with truth? Tell me, please, because for the life of me I cannot find it.

How can anyone read the Bible and honestly equate the actions of God with the absolutes of Love? Christianity is not only the worship and adoration of a mass murderer, but in order to validate this disgusting and evil behavior Christianity teaches it is part of God's Plan.

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