Monday, August 26, 2013

If God Tells You To Do It, It Isn't Wrong

When the Leaders of God's Children Commit Crimes

Hopefully you do not think that the title of this blog means that I think all Christians (or at the very least a large number of them) commit crimes. I do not think this. Not at all. I just happen to think it is very interesting when people who are very religious, or who are religious leaders, go out and about and commit crimes. Then when these spiritual thugs are caught they start the tear-in-my-beer routine and "repent" and announce that they know Jesus has forgiven them. Whatever. Here these people are in situations where they are supposed to be a representative of God, the ultimate divine being of anything in the universe, and what do some of these folks do? Some pretty awful stuff.

Do non-believers commit crimes? Oh, you betcha. Do followers and leaders of other faiths commit crimes? You betcha. However, for this blog and for my own purposes I will be discussing some of the leaders of various Christian faiths in the United States, and what some of these crazy mother truckers have done in the course of leading their unwary flocks into the wrong pasture.

Before you proceed to click on the video links I have provided I will warn you now that some of these crimes are pretty disgusting, many of them sexual in nature. You have been warned.

Okay, the man in this video is discussing a pastor who told his parishioners various stories in order to get the parishioners to give him oral sex. So goddamn disgusting. Glad he is in jail. But like the guy in this video asks WHY did these freaking people believe the pastor's seriously fucked up claims?

This is so pathetic. Here is a man who took a position where he was responsible for trying to 'guide' people who were trying to find their way spiritually. And what did he do? Well, watch the video. Pay close attention to his bullshit excuses. LOSER.

How can this man say he is innocent? HOW? You've got to watch this entire case. Go on YouTube and type in DatelineID episodes, and there might even be one on 48 Hours Mystery episodes. Look it up. Such a horrendous thing to do, you know? It is bad enough that he is cheating on his wife, which, as reality is testament to happens every damn day. But then he goes and kills the mother of his children, his wife. Dude, preacher or no preacher...if you don't want to be married anymore GET A DIVORCE. You DO NOT KILL a woman because you don't want to be married to her anymore, GEEZE!

Nice. Real NICE. Sooooo, not only is this PASTOR a thief  but he assaulted his son due to his son's sexual orientation. I have to ask this pastor where in the Bible does Jesus say anything even remotely similar to, "Sure, take what you want and on the way out beat your own flesh and blood for being gay." I have no doubt this cretin would point to the infamous Leviticus verse that supposedly validates putting homosexual to death. This is not a good argument for the pastor to make, though. 

If the pastor is of the variety of Christian pastors who teach that the Old Testament is the 'old law' and the New Testament is God's NEW covenant with His creation, Man, then this ninny really should not be making a reference to the Leviticus verse. Why? Glad you asked.

That Leviticus verse was not only part of the 'old law' but when Jesus died on the cross for the sins of ALL MANKIND the act of crucifixion was supposed to be an act of absolute mercy and compassion that forgave Man of his transgressions. Even if man does not choose the supposed gift of salvation offered by Jesus this does not mean that by NOT believing in Jesus he is then held accountable to Old Testament laws by default. No no no. Thus, the Leviticus verse is not applicable as it is about executing judgment (literally and even spiritually according to some denominations) for the practice of a sexual act that was not the custom of God's chosen people and in regards to 'old' law. 

Part of the reason why Jesus died on the cross was to purchase the great debt man owed to God for being so ever-loving sinful and disobedient. According to many passages in the Old Testament, Man was so terrible and out of control and so willfully oblivious to God's laws that man deserved nothing short of death; and oh my my but isn't the Old Testament just rife with examples of God doing exactly that. 

Then enters Jesus stage right who, in a move of total selflessness takes the penalty fee of death that man supposedly owes God and pays that fee up front by being crucified. Still with me? Sooo...Jesus voluntarily paid the fee of death, intentionally paid the fee of death. Not only that, but afterwards he turns around and tells mankind, "You owe me nothing. I forgive you; all you have to do is ask." 

I wonder if this pastor who assaulted his son for being gay bothered to ask his son whether or not the son asked Jesus for forgiveness? If Jesus says the sins can be forgiven WHY didn't this pastor just pray for his son's forgiveness, or something, instead of assaulting him? I bet at some point or other this pastor thug has already asked Jesus and God for forgiveness for harming his own son. Tell me, where in the Bible does it say that due to a stance against homosexuality a believer is any more worthy of forgiveness and salvation than someone who is gay?! 

Oh yeah. This nation has an awful lot of blood on its hands. The Native Americans were rooked, robbed, destroyed, murdered by Bible-toting hypocrites who were terribly mistaken in the belief that their's was a civilized religion.

What the hell? What the hell?! What do you say to something like this?

Why is this pastor carrying around a LOADED weapon? Protection? I thought he trusted God and God's authority and divine protection, so what happened? The pastor would have better luck protecting himself by carrying around his Bible and trying to proselytize. You would be amazed to discover the large numbers of people who would flee in the opposite direction upon realizing some hapless fool is going to try to convert them.

Two questions upon watching this video: Why was this man released from jail? Why are there congregation members supporting him when they should be supporting the girl?

Maybe the pastor in this video thought the women were concubines in a harem and not prostitutes? King David and King Solomon had concubines, right? Oh yeah. Well then, sweet! That is all we need. What is good for the kings is good for me.

Oh, look! Another low-life douchebag hiding behind a pulpit.

I sure hope the judge gives this guy as many years behind bars as possible.

My dear mercy mother of pearl. This fuck-up can stand there, smug in his position of leadership and authority (which this guy apparently believes is more powerful than a little something called EVIDENCE) and infer that 'haters' are making this shit up?

Let this be a lesson to you to NEVER give your financial information to ANY religious agency or representative or the like. Stop giving money to pastors and preachers and religious orators.


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