Friday, August 30, 2013

A Change of Heart

Arguments Against Christianity

This is good stuff! 

Oh yeah. Look these up. I want nothing to do with your God. Stop saying He is a God of love because if these verses that refer to Him are from the same Bible that you swear indicates He is  a God of love, are more of a sucker than many folks already think you are. But, you know that, right? Probably even try to use the fact that people think you are a sucker for believing what you believe as an indicator of the truth of what you believe? Craziness. Seriously.

When I was a little kid I would stay up late at night wondering about these things. The few times I dared to ask about the things I thought did not make sense, well, it did not turn out well. If you have questions, especially about what people claim as to Who or what God is, do yourself a favor and actually search, look things up. Information is not evil and searching for the truth or for answers or for better answers than the ones you have been given is not wrong.

This is very good and goes step-by-step for those individuals who have issues understanding why the argument for God is a ridiculous argument.

It is absolutely amazing what people will believe once you formulate a really whacked out story and then stamp the name of God to it.

Explain this one away. If you are a Christian, explain this one away with out using the stupid argument (which is really not an argument at all) that non-believers are simply making it up just to spite God and the Bible and believers. Check out your Commandments.

Presentation s of Satan are not any more believable than presentations of God in the Bible. Both of these guys are fictional, symbolic. Somehow, though, people have taken a shine to then and unfortunately choose to believe Satan and God are real. From there, well...people act horribly.

God's perfect plan? I laughed so hard watching this! This guy did an excellent job on this video!

Face it...God loves pain. In fact, He actually seems to need pain. Rather creepy. I am not impressed with God and the idea that He killed His only Son so that all might live. That is an entirely stupid and totally whacked out story.

Damn. This is good. Listen, listen well and actually form the pictures in your head as far as what is being described. Nothing like striking down innocents.

For those who absolutely refuse to see that there is ample evidence that the Bible is not the solid history and absolute truth that so many believe it to be, maybe that is because the evidence is just a little too convincing for them. No one wants to think that what they have held as absolute truth for so long is actually quite the opposite.

Listen closely to the proofs that are offered and honestly consider the lack of truth. Be sure to continue to watch all of the associated YouTube videos associated with this link here.

Haaha!!! This is totally awesome!!

This is great. Do the people who cite the Bible as absolute truth actually search out what they are claiming, studying it and making sure that what they are saying is in fact the truth? Nope.

Pat close attention to the evidence in this video that show the United States of America was NOT founded as a Christian nation. No. While there were SOME of the founding fathers that were Christian, ALL of them were NOT Christian. That is a huge myth. And pay attention to what the founding fathers meant when referencing Natural Law.

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