Thursday, August 29, 2013

Embracing the Word of God

Repent Now, or Else

Salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to be an expression of how very much God loved man and how much God wanted to save man from the wicked wiles of Satan and the forces of darkness through the love for man. Considering that I think it is interesting how so many Christians preach such an aggressive, bloodthirsty, believe-this-way-or-die message but then wonder why people don't want to listen to what they have to say about Jesus and the Bible and Salvation.

Watch the video clips below and you will come to understand that a good portion of the problem of more and more people shunning Christianity is the manner in which so many believers present their message of peace and life and hope.

Haaha!! This is good stuff. According to this fellow his message is for MATURE Christian audiences only. Translation: You will not understand this message unless you have had considerable time being brainwashed by Christianity.

God forces no one to believe in Him? What then would you call God's attitude of believe-this-way-or-die whenever He approaches a non-believer? Are you that deluded that you truly think this is a good approach to spreading your supposed message of truth? Your's is a dishonest faith, for you preach that through his freewill man may choose salvation. Then you add the small print of, "It is okay if you do not want to believe. Sure, you will die and suffer horribly but remember you have the choice. Pick God's way or pick death."

You know what lady? So many people do the same thing you are doing here, right? They claim that somehow God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit spoke directly to them and wants them to deliver this most important message to everyone else. Notice that God never speaks to those who do not believe in God.

Do you think this fellow remembers the verse in the New Testament that says "...we all fall short of the glory of God" as he is sitting there pretending like what he is doing ISN'T passing judgment on others? Is this really how you choose to preach the love of God? What the hell is it with Christians who readily embrace the violence of Christianity?

This is pretty stupid. What is even more stupid is there are plenty of people who truly believe this is an audio recording of what hell sounds like. Lovely. More scary crap intended to scare non-believers into submission.

This is garbage. You cannot preach a message like this and claim that God gives people the freewill to believe and accept His message. There is NO element of freewill whatsoever when the manner in which you present your faith is believe-this-way-or-die. When will you understand this? When will you learn that embracing and having faith in an ideology built on fear is not salvation? So what is the basic message here? If you are a preacher it is a good thing to make your messages sound as aggressive and anger filled as possible as to better convert the unwashed masses of heathens in the world.

Here is another fine example of how harmful religion can be. The weaker minded people in society often end up broken down mentally because of all the fear constantly thrown at them, all of the persistent claims of this mega calamity that will befall mankind if they do not believe in a specific manner. So fucking sad, man. How can people willingly live under so much fear and threats? That is NOT healthy living. This type of religious belief is not one worth embracing when it does crap like this.

Oh, how nice. A message of division intended to split a message of love right down the middle. Nice.

This guy is a real hoot. It is interesting how he says "most people" without ever saying how he has come to the conclusion that "most people" are in fact like this. How did he come to such a conclusion? Polling? Has be traveled the world and asked most of the people in the world their thoughts on the matter? What type of research did he participate in that would validate his claim of "most people" not having repented?

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