Friday, August 30, 2013

A Change of Heart

Arguments Against Christianity

This is good stuff! 

Oh yeah. Look these up. I want nothing to do with your God. Stop saying He is a God of love because if these verses that refer to Him are from the same Bible that you swear indicates He is  a God of love, are more of a sucker than many folks already think you are. But, you know that, right? Probably even try to use the fact that people think you are a sucker for believing what you believe as an indicator of the truth of what you believe? Craziness. Seriously.

When I was a little kid I would stay up late at night wondering about these things. The few times I dared to ask about the things I thought did not make sense, well, it did not turn out well. If you have questions, especially about what people claim as to Who or what God is, do yourself a favor and actually search, look things up. Information is not evil and searching for the truth or for answers or for better answers than the ones you have been given is not wrong.

This is very good and goes step-by-step for those individuals who have issues understanding why the argument for God is a ridiculous argument.

It is absolutely amazing what people will believe once you formulate a really whacked out story and then stamp the name of God to it.

Explain this one away. If you are a Christian, explain this one away with out using the stupid argument (which is really not an argument at all) that non-believers are simply making it up just to spite God and the Bible and believers. Check out your Commandments.

Presentation s of Satan are not any more believable than presentations of God in the Bible. Both of these guys are fictional, symbolic. Somehow, though, people have taken a shine to then and unfortunately choose to believe Satan and God are real. From there, well...people act horribly.

God's perfect plan? I laughed so hard watching this! This guy did an excellent job on this video!

Face it...God loves pain. In fact, He actually seems to need pain. Rather creepy. I am not impressed with God and the idea that He killed His only Son so that all might live. That is an entirely stupid and totally whacked out story.

Damn. This is good. Listen, listen well and actually form the pictures in your head as far as what is being described. Nothing like striking down innocents.

For those who absolutely refuse to see that there is ample evidence that the Bible is not the solid history and absolute truth that so many believe it to be, maybe that is because the evidence is just a little too convincing for them. No one wants to think that what they have held as absolute truth for so long is actually quite the opposite.

Listen closely to the proofs that are offered and honestly consider the lack of truth. Be sure to continue to watch all of the associated YouTube videos associated with this link here.

Haaha!!! This is totally awesome!!

This is great. Do the people who cite the Bible as absolute truth actually search out what they are claiming, studying it and making sure that what they are saying is in fact the truth? Nope.

Pat close attention to the evidence in this video that show the United States of America was NOT founded as a Christian nation. No. While there were SOME of the founding fathers that were Christian, ALL of them were NOT Christian. That is a huge myth. And pay attention to what the founding fathers meant when referencing Natural Law.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Embracing the Word of God

Repent Now, or Else

Salvation through the gospel of Jesus Christ is supposed to be an expression of how very much God loved man and how much God wanted to save man from the wicked wiles of Satan and the forces of darkness through the love for man. Considering that I think it is interesting how so many Christians preach such an aggressive, bloodthirsty, believe-this-way-or-die message but then wonder why people don't want to listen to what they have to say about Jesus and the Bible and Salvation.

Watch the video clips below and you will come to understand that a good portion of the problem of more and more people shunning Christianity is the manner in which so many believers present their message of peace and life and hope.

Haaha!! This is good stuff. According to this fellow his message is for MATURE Christian audiences only. Translation: You will not understand this message unless you have had considerable time being brainwashed by Christianity.

God forces no one to believe in Him? What then would you call God's attitude of believe-this-way-or-die whenever He approaches a non-believer? Are you that deluded that you truly think this is a good approach to spreading your supposed message of truth? Your's is a dishonest faith, for you preach that through his freewill man may choose salvation. Then you add the small print of, "It is okay if you do not want to believe. Sure, you will die and suffer horribly but remember you have the choice. Pick God's way or pick death."

You know what lady? So many people do the same thing you are doing here, right? They claim that somehow God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit spoke directly to them and wants them to deliver this most important message to everyone else. Notice that God never speaks to those who do not believe in God.

Do you think this fellow remembers the verse in the New Testament that says "...we all fall short of the glory of God" as he is sitting there pretending like what he is doing ISN'T passing judgment on others? Is this really how you choose to preach the love of God? What the hell is it with Christians who readily embrace the violence of Christianity?

This is pretty stupid. What is even more stupid is there are plenty of people who truly believe this is an audio recording of what hell sounds like. Lovely. More scary crap intended to scare non-believers into submission.

This is garbage. You cannot preach a message like this and claim that God gives people the freewill to believe and accept His message. There is NO element of freewill whatsoever when the manner in which you present your faith is believe-this-way-or-die. When will you understand this? When will you learn that embracing and having faith in an ideology built on fear is not salvation? So what is the basic message here? If you are a preacher it is a good thing to make your messages sound as aggressive and anger filled as possible as to better convert the unwashed masses of heathens in the world.

Here is another fine example of how harmful religion can be. The weaker minded people in society often end up broken down mentally because of all the fear constantly thrown at them, all of the persistent claims of this mega calamity that will befall mankind if they do not believe in a specific manner. So fucking sad, man. How can people willingly live under so much fear and threats? That is NOT healthy living. This type of religious belief is not one worth embracing when it does crap like this.

Oh, how nice. A message of division intended to split a message of love right down the middle. Nice.

This guy is a real hoot. It is interesting how he says "most people" without ever saying how he has come to the conclusion that "most people" are in fact like this. How did he come to such a conclusion? Polling? Has be traveled the world and asked most of the people in the world their thoughts on the matter? What type of research did he participate in that would validate his claim of "most people" not having repented?

Monday, August 26, 2013

If God Tells You To Do It, It Isn't Wrong

When the Leaders of God's Children Commit Crimes

Hopefully you do not think that the title of this blog means that I think all Christians (or at the very least a large number of them) commit crimes. I do not think this. Not at all. I just happen to think it is very interesting when people who are very religious, or who are religious leaders, go out and about and commit crimes. Then when these spiritual thugs are caught they start the tear-in-my-beer routine and "repent" and announce that they know Jesus has forgiven them. Whatever. Here these people are in situations where they are supposed to be a representative of God, the ultimate divine being of anything in the universe, and what do some of these folks do? Some pretty awful stuff.

Do non-believers commit crimes? Oh, you betcha. Do followers and leaders of other faiths commit crimes? You betcha. However, for this blog and for my own purposes I will be discussing some of the leaders of various Christian faiths in the United States, and what some of these crazy mother truckers have done in the course of leading their unwary flocks into the wrong pasture.

Before you proceed to click on the video links I have provided I will warn you now that some of these crimes are pretty disgusting, many of them sexual in nature. You have been warned.

Okay, the man in this video is discussing a pastor who told his parishioners various stories in order to get the parishioners to give him oral sex. So goddamn disgusting. Glad he is in jail. But like the guy in this video asks WHY did these freaking people believe the pastor's seriously fucked up claims?

This is so pathetic. Here is a man who took a position where he was responsible for trying to 'guide' people who were trying to find their way spiritually. And what did he do? Well, watch the video. Pay close attention to his bullshit excuses. LOSER.

How can this man say he is innocent? HOW? You've got to watch this entire case. Go on YouTube and type in DatelineID episodes, and there might even be one on 48 Hours Mystery episodes. Look it up. Such a horrendous thing to do, you know? It is bad enough that he is cheating on his wife, which, as reality is testament to happens every damn day. But then he goes and kills the mother of his children, his wife. Dude, preacher or no preacher...if you don't want to be married anymore GET A DIVORCE. You DO NOT KILL a woman because you don't want to be married to her anymore, GEEZE!

Nice. Real NICE. Sooooo, not only is this PASTOR a thief  but he assaulted his son due to his son's sexual orientation. I have to ask this pastor where in the Bible does Jesus say anything even remotely similar to, "Sure, take what you want and on the way out beat your own flesh and blood for being gay." I have no doubt this cretin would point to the infamous Leviticus verse that supposedly validates putting homosexual to death. This is not a good argument for the pastor to make, though. 

If the pastor is of the variety of Christian pastors who teach that the Old Testament is the 'old law' and the New Testament is God's NEW covenant with His creation, Man, then this ninny really should not be making a reference to the Leviticus verse. Why? Glad you asked.

That Leviticus verse was not only part of the 'old law' but when Jesus died on the cross for the sins of ALL MANKIND the act of crucifixion was supposed to be an act of absolute mercy and compassion that forgave Man of his transgressions. Even if man does not choose the supposed gift of salvation offered by Jesus this does not mean that by NOT believing in Jesus he is then held accountable to Old Testament laws by default. No no no. Thus, the Leviticus verse is not applicable as it is about executing judgment (literally and even spiritually according to some denominations) for the practice of a sexual act that was not the custom of God's chosen people and in regards to 'old' law. 

Part of the reason why Jesus died on the cross was to purchase the great debt man owed to God for being so ever-loving sinful and disobedient. According to many passages in the Old Testament, Man was so terrible and out of control and so willfully oblivious to God's laws that man deserved nothing short of death; and oh my my but isn't the Old Testament just rife with examples of God doing exactly that. 

Then enters Jesus stage right who, in a move of total selflessness takes the penalty fee of death that man supposedly owes God and pays that fee up front by being crucified. Still with me? Sooo...Jesus voluntarily paid the fee of death, intentionally paid the fee of death. Not only that, but afterwards he turns around and tells mankind, "You owe me nothing. I forgive you; all you have to do is ask." 

I wonder if this pastor who assaulted his son for being gay bothered to ask his son whether or not the son asked Jesus for forgiveness? If Jesus says the sins can be forgiven WHY didn't this pastor just pray for his son's forgiveness, or something, instead of assaulting him? I bet at some point or other this pastor thug has already asked Jesus and God for forgiveness for harming his own son. Tell me, where in the Bible does it say that due to a stance against homosexuality a believer is any more worthy of forgiveness and salvation than someone who is gay?! 

Oh yeah. This nation has an awful lot of blood on its hands. The Native Americans were rooked, robbed, destroyed, murdered by Bible-toting hypocrites who were terribly mistaken in the belief that their's was a civilized religion.

What the hell? What the hell?! What do you say to something like this?

Why is this pastor carrying around a LOADED weapon? Protection? I thought he trusted God and God's authority and divine protection, so what happened? The pastor would have better luck protecting himself by carrying around his Bible and trying to proselytize. You would be amazed to discover the large numbers of people who would flee in the opposite direction upon realizing some hapless fool is going to try to convert them.

Two questions upon watching this video: Why was this man released from jail? Why are there congregation members supporting him when they should be supporting the girl?

Maybe the pastor in this video thought the women were concubines in a harem and not prostitutes? King David and King Solomon had concubines, right? Oh yeah. Well then, sweet! That is all we need. What is good for the kings is good for me.

Oh, look! Another low-life douchebag hiding behind a pulpit.

I sure hope the judge gives this guy as many years behind bars as possible.

My dear mercy mother of pearl. This fuck-up can stand there, smug in his position of leadership and authority (which this guy apparently believes is more powerful than a little something called EVIDENCE) and infer that 'haters' are making this shit up?

Let this be a lesson to you to NEVER give your financial information to ANY religious agency or representative or the like. Stop giving money to pastors and preachers and religious orators.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Things People Believe

What parts of any of these Bible verses or stories make you want to believe and trust and love the God of the Bible?

Belief, when manipulated and distorted, can be one of the most absurd, cruel, delusional, ludicrous, hateful, disrespecting, terrible, and evil forces ever known to man. Of course, belief can also be a very good thing but we will not be discussing that here. The potential/actual goodness of belief is not in question. It is the potential/actual terrible and evil qualities of belief that are in question.

Many individuals who hold the Bible and God and Jesus and Salvation and all of that as actual truth, seemingly squander their stores of belief on a spiritual/religious system that deludes and brainwashes its followers into submission.

As you read and listen to these verses and stories I want you to utilize logic and truly consider whether or not there is any viable reason to believe what the verse/story has to say. In addition, if you happen to be a Christian/believer, I want to challenge you to drop the The-Bible-Is-True-Because-The-Bible-And-God-And-Jesus-Say-It-Is-True routine crapola, and instead be absolutely honest with yourself and answer this simple question: Is this something that I would believe in if my eternal salvation did NOT pivot on whether or not I believe such a thing as absolute, divine, ultimate truth? Seriously. If you knew that God would let you into the pearly gates EVEN IF YOU DID NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING IN THE BIBLE AS ACTUAL AND LITERAL TRUTH would you still believe the verse/story?

In this first video you will see one of the most problematic stories of the Bible: The Flood. The Flood. The Flood is a harrowing tale of man's ever-present disobedience to God, God  losing His cool and ending up regretting His creation of man, and God's Nazi Germany solution of killing every body but a select few.

I am racking my brain for an answer as to why believers/Christians would believe that God's commandment to kill all those who work on the Sabbath is okay or ever was okay. Which part of that commandment makes you want to believe anything the Bible has to say? If believing such a ludicrous rule were NOT necessary in order to be considered a child of God would you still believe it?

Why does God disguise Himself as a burning bush? What is the reason for this? Is it because Moses would otherwise not believe it was God speaking to him? Why a burning bush? God is supposed the be the ultimate in creativity and picks a burning bush? God being all powerful (the Bible says this time after time) there is never a reason to disguise Himself. Why do folks believe this absurd story? It is in the same category as the present day so-called miracles where the Virgin Mary is in a ham sandwich or Jesus' face in on a freeway billboard or any other stupidity like that. Show me ONE thing about this story that makes it even remotely believable. One thing.

This story is an excellent example of the horrible nature of the Bible and God. Why would people want to believe this? How can people look at this and choose to love or believe or trust God when He clearly exhibits the capacity and will and purpose to trick, mislead and terrorize.

And people want to believe this story and the Bible that it appears in as God's inspired truth? If all scripture is God-breathed and profitable for teaching, Christians of the world should read this story to their children in an effort to build their faith and trust in God.

The Tower of Babel is an acutely stupid story mainly because an all-knowing God would not have bothered with it. Why? Such a God would know it is impossible to build anything that literally reaches from the ground/earth straight up into space/heaven.

And to think people teach this bullshit story to their children and to each other as truth. Which part of this insane story resonates with truth? Tell me, please, because for the life of me I cannot find it.

How can anyone read the Bible and honestly equate the actions of God with the absolutes of Love? Christianity is not only the worship and adoration of a mass murderer, but in order to validate this disgusting and evil behavior Christianity teaches it is part of God's Plan.

Friday, August 2, 2013

More of the Fugly

Why is it so fun to watch Christians behaving badly? The world may never know.

These faith healer preachers are so full of it. You would think that since they are supposedly representatives of the Almighty God that they would be under great pressure to tell the truth. But these liars do not tell the truth because the truth is that what they believe in (or claim to believe in) is a giant lie.

Why do some Christians behave badly? Well, maybe a good look at their object of love and devotion ought to be closer examined. That pretty little Psalm about the Lord being your shepherd is not all that great when you really examine it up close.

Another great way to determine why many God believing people behave so poorly is took take a gander at the Bible itself. The Bible is rife with followers of God behaving poorly and committing sin after sin (sometimes under the direct instruction of God).

Oh, Jesus Christ! This is too goddamn funny!! The little wheels on the cross are quite novel.

One of my favorite examples of Christians behaving poorly is the way some try to convert the non-believing masses by manipulating fear of death and the possibility of the ultimate evil (Satan and hell) sucking you down into untold terror.

Boy, some people just do not get it. It doesn't matter that someone does not believe in Jesus and your claims of "walking" with Jesus. All that matters is that you believe it. And as an added bonus, if you believe what you are claiming strongly enough then it just may be true.

I have a hard time believing that any great divine being would behave in the fashion these folks behave in or that He would encourage or recommend them to behave in such a stupid manner.

Oh wow.

The Phelps family is one of the best arguments against religions.

Hey, Texans are gonna do whatever it is they want to do. It has always been that way. If they want to drive to school every morning with an open container in the car and a six-shooter hanging from their belt to go teach that some genie-in-a-bottle God poofed everything in existence...well...who fucking cares. Let them be as ridiculous as they want. All that matters to me is that I have the choice to NOT subject my children to such if I so please.


All hail the worst congregation of recent history.

Maybe the reason that so many believers behave so ridiculously is because what they believe in is so ridiculous. How can people go through their lives like this? There are a b-zillion laws of nature that we can observe and test and prove, or at least formulate valid theories on. We live by these and create by these and often ridicule those who refuse to acknowledge such. Think about when people used to think the earth was flat or that everything revolved around the sun. Lunacy, right? But so many of these people who would ridicule the ignorance and refusal to acknowledge natural laws that can be proven without a doubt then turn around and ridicule those who refuse to believe in a big nothing (God) that consists of zero truth, zero fact, zero proof.

Oh yes, I think that there are plenty of people who are religious fanatics who have some kind of mental issue. I do not think all people who believe in God have a mental problem. For some, not all, I think it simply has to do with straight-up stupidity.

There are many facets of religion that are utterly stupid.

This made it to the evening news? Yikes.

This is pretty good. I would encourage you to look up more of this woman's videos as she has a lot of interesting and well thought out things to say.

Holy shit. This woman is completely and totally out of her goddamn mind.

For pete's sake, there is no goddamn proof as to the validity of the Bible and the existence of Jesus. Please. Who cares why people believe in Jesus and God. Jesus and God are not real and all of the supposed proof that Christianity offers is nothing substantive or anywhere near valid.

Ahhh. Sooo, the LORD gave you a dream last night? Did you happen to take some Ambien washed down with a tincture of Vodka right before the dream?