Friday, June 21, 2013

As Per God's Own Instruction: The Fairer Sex

Less Knowledgeable, Less Understanding, Less Deserving

Galatians 3:28 says, "There is neither Jew not Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for you are all one in Christ Jesus."

Well, the above verse certainly SOUNDS like women are well respected and cared for and included and appreciated in the Bible. In fact, this is one of the top ten verses that Christians cite when trying to disprove the utter ugliness with which women in the Bible are treated.

I think it is absolutely and entirely deplorable when Christians very loudly and confidently claim that in their Bible there is a plethora of proof as to the respect and love and adoration that God and Jesus had for women. From the beginning to the end of the Bible, one of the most revered of divine texts of all time, it is stuffed chock full of evidence that God and Jesus gave a goodgoddamn about women. There are very few examples of women that are positive in nature and oten times many of those examples seem to be derived of the selfishness of God or Jesus and whatever it is that they want.

This video clip presents some interesting verses that outline the treatment of women (as so commanded by God, no less), and even takes the time in the little cartoon at the beginning to make it appear as though Adam had no idea whatsoever as to what Eve was up to. In His persistently lopsided punishments that He is notorious for God punishes Adam for listening to the woman. 

Notice that in the Bible it totally makes it appear as though this ginormous fuck-up (the Fall of Man) is the result of Eve's decision alone. Eve is the mastermind, the wrong-doer, the instigator, the root of the problem. Notice that Adam is not punished for Eve's act, but rather he is punished for listening to Eve. There IS an important distinction to be seen here.

Within the first twenty-five words of this video you get the impression that the presence of women is not exactly something that is appreciated and respected. Instead it seems like there is a tentative, begrudging tolerance of women. Don't allow women to teach? Don't allow women to hold a place of authority over a man? I am sure there are those religious groups who if asked would say that these verses apply to positions of authority within the church, not society. Whatever. That is a bunch of shit and Christians who claim such know it. But, like a good slave does all that he can to prove his loyalty and worth and fear and love (albeit delusional love) many believers are one hundred percent ready and willing to do anything...including mistreating women.

This is how your Christian God commands you treat your women. Remember, since ALL scripture is supposed to be God-breathed and profitable for teaching you cannot try to save your ass by claiming this verse or that verse no longer applies. If ALL scripture is truly God-breathed and profitable for teaching there would be no need to change anything about the verses or to not follow them anymore because times have changed, right? I mean, you can't have it both ways. ALL scripture either is or is not good for teaching and applicable to all humans every where throughout all time. Obviously this is a HUGE fail for the Bible.

Not all of the verses portrayed in this video are about the mistreatment of women, but a good number of them are. Enjoy.

Oh how the mistakes of a man in the Bible are so often blamed upon a woman of cunning, calculation, deceit, trickery...the list goes on and on, right? I think it just might be a case of vagina envy. Seriously. I think  for some males in some cultures they just do not like the idea that for as strong as men are supposed to be, it is the women who carry and nurture nations within themselves. 

The women have far more to give to everything that is LIFE because the woman's womb is the cradle of life. For as close as the warring men in the Bible want to come to ultimate power and control and ultimate creative authority the men will never, ever be as fulfilled in life and as powerful as a woman. The men know it and have no shame whatsoever in showing their jealousy toward women by behaving in abominable ways.

This is an interesting video. The lady kinda rambles a bit at the beginning, but it gets better. I think she raises some valid points that are worth a gander.

This is some serious bullshit. In the process of trying to prove that God and Jesus very dearly love women in the Bible this video seemingly leaves out an awful lot of the shitty treatment of women, going the distance to do whatever it takes to keep as much power out of female hands as possible. Rubbish.

Yep, this video is the continuation of the video directly before this one. Don't you want to be blessed by God and Jesus? Then you have to follow what God says about women and follow all instructions to the letter. If you do not listen to how God says to treat women you just may lose your salvation. The voice of the narrator in these films seems to have an inflection of 'hah-I-told-you-so' with just an added dab of 'see-men-are-better-then-women-after-all'.

God has zero respect for women. That in and of itself totally revokes all of the kudos God earned for doing anything good in the Bible. Of course, God goes further than just showing a complete lack of respect for women, and goes on in the Bible to command and encourage terrible treatment of women in the worst ways possible. Lovely. Since His original disrespect for women revoked all of His kudos and God therefore has no more that may be God is given demerits. Loads and LOADS of demerits.

The Bible documents historical facts? What a load of shit. Listen to what the freaking narrator has to say in this video. He is trying to make an excuse for the poor treatment of women in the Bible. You cannot be a Christian and follow SOME of the Bible and not ALL of the Bible. That makes no sense. By the proofs and requirements of the Bible's own verses Christians MUST take ALL of the Bible as absolute truth. This means the bullshit excuse making of this video fails. Nice. Women are honored equally in the Bible? WHERE? Jesus did more for women than any other group or individuals...ever? You're HIGH!! Jesus Christ! You people can't even come up with a good enough lie to cover for your bigoted and chauvinist God.

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