Tuesday, June 18, 2013

God in Politics

God: The Worst Politician EVER

Okay, for just a moment let us assume that there is such a being as God, alright? Now consider the claim of Christianity that God loves mankind and wants to forgive man and redeem him through the blood of Jesus and all that. You would think that God would choose clear-minded individuals who possess very good communication skills in order to spread His word. But, God does not do this. 

God is notorious for choosing people who either have horrible communication skills, don't follow His instruction completely, twist the words of the Bible, harass and attack others who believe differently or not at all, and often draws huge criticism to Himself by employing individuals who apparently spend a large amount of time speaking out of their asses.

Maybe, just maybe if God did not surround Himself with so many assholes more people would be interested in what He has to say about things.

This first video is insightful even though I do not agree with this man's assertion that our nation's founding documents are spiritual documents.

The last thing this nation needs is to have everyone believe the same as you do. No one is saying you cannot believe what you want. What people are saying is that they should not be forced to believe the same as you do. That is not an infringement of your rights.

You know, for as much as so many Christians go on and on about how God should be in politics they have yet to provide any kind of example that would serve to show anyone anywhere how much religion/God contributes positively to government. God and Jesus really need to draw up a different political party standard, or something because presently their political platform has more holes in it than Swiss Cheese.

This is pretty good. It is always entertaining to hear why many Christians hold that God should be included in politics.

Good God. People in government actually believe this bullshit. So, climate change is a lie, is that it?

Religion is a scourge within humanity. It is difficult to fathom how some people can look into the history of man and then say religion has been a good thing for man.

Ahhh, the useless ramblings of religion. I think Richard Dawkins holds up well here.

Oh look, it's the friendly neighborhood conspiracy theorist.

I hate it when some Christians start raving about how their rights are being taken away and how the government has outlawed prayer in schools. First of all, prayer has not been 'outlawed' but rather has been banned in PUBLIC schools. You can still send your kids to a private Christian school that allows for prayer. No one is saying that Christians cannot practice their belief in private whether that is in a private school, in church on Sunday, or in their own homes.

I understand what the gentleman here is trying to say, but I think the way he brings it across is a bit garbled. I do agree with the idea of not allowing references to the Bible or religion when drafting and passing laws. I am sure many Christians would scream at such a statement that their rights are being even further trimmed, but that simply is not true. Governments that allow religion or religious leaders to influence laws, rules, regulations, statutes and all that have never resulted in anything good for mankind.

I totally appreciate Bill's wit and wisdom in addressing religious issues.

Christian terrorism is something the conservative right is loathe to acknowledge.

Holy shit, this is too funny! Hah! The South in denial about losing the Civil War.

Haahaahaaa!!! Carlin is outstanding!

Yes, irrational faith does feed violence and it does interfere with (or tries to) science. It is rather scary what militant faith is doing in society. Intolerance is fed by an almost pathological urge to continue to cling to absurd, unsound, ridiculous beliefs that encourage hate in some form or other.

Accelerated Christian Education? Yikes. That sounds ominous.

Nice. People who believe that it is okay and even necessary to scare people into believing in God and converting to Christianity. So much for freewill. And sin does not destroy. Psychopathic views and behavior indicative of intolerance destroys.

I always thought it was so funny how people refer to Creationism as "Intelligent Design" when at its core it boils down to the genie of the Bible (God) popping everything into existence. There is nothing even remotely intelligent about the idea that some great being (a being whose existence and origin cannot be proven) merely said the words and then whatever He wanted simply appeared.

You would think that with the volatile history of the Middle East in regards to religion people would be less inclined to believe such rubbish in the first place.

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