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Chicken Little: The Rapture is Coming! The Rapture is Coming!

The Rapture is Here: Don't Bother to Pack

     Every time something bad or unpalatable happens in the world we live in there is no shortage of people hopping up on their little church pew to shout that whatever has happened is a sure sign of the End Times. Exactly what the hell is wrong with these religiously sadistic people has yet to be identified by science. The closest diagnosis yet offered is explained as Spirituola-Variola Vera, which is a serious bout of a spiritual version of small pox.

     Sometimes the individual suffering from such is able to recover with little or no damage to their normal pattern of thinking and social/cultural interaction. There are also those individuals who do survive their bout with the disease, but are left with the scars of unnecessary fear, absurd practices, extreme aversion to Bible-based faiths, and even the thick guilt that often accumulates from treating people poorly and terribly when they believe differently and live differently than how the Bible/religion says. Then there is the last category of sufferers, those who were never able to recover from their bout with the deadly disease and who are left separated from their friends and family and normal living since they truly think Jesus wants them to behave in such a manner.

     It is of the utmost importance that the free-thinking individual be aware of those false arguments presented in the pretend gift-wrapping of God's supposed love for man. This 'gift' is always wrapped in blood and separation and tied with a pretty little bow of cultural and religious antagonism. Be very aware that some of the claims as to the supposed signs of the 'End Times' do indeed sound extremely scary until you take them with a grain of salt and a good dose of common fucking sense.

     Here are some wonderful clips of folks making absurd, groundless, stupid, insane-sounding, ignorant, fear-filled, hate-driven claims as to the signs of the End Times. The time of each clip within this post varies widely from a few minutes up to more than an hour and a half:

This first clip is a confusion of comments and political assessments that have been referred to by some religious representatives as...Signs of the End Times.

Jesus did not kill these creatures. Sometimes these large die-offs of sea life are due to pollution that is man made, and sometimes they are from natural phenomenon such as the Red Tide. It has nothing to do with God or Jesus or the end of time. Some great divine being that created everything does not kill off large numbers of animals when He gets pissed off at man.

Guess what? Sinkholes happen. Yep. They happen. They are not divine in cause or nature or affect or effect. fear mongers of the world seriously need to stop taking whatever piece of news is handy and making some kind of religious judgment with it.

Every religious generation believes that they are living in the End Times. A hundred years from now people will be preaching the same gobbledygook.

So, explain how this works so we can all make sense of it. You're telling me that Christianity says that astrology is evil and a thing of the devil and a deviation from God, but then turns around and say some goddamn sign in the heavens will signal Jesus' return?

     I find it amazing that so many people are so willing to buy into the fraud presented by much in religion: that there is no hope for man to survive without God. Really? I beg to differ. In fact, I think much of the problems in the world throughout history have specifically to do with religion and how the idiots, assholes, and morons of the world use what could and should be a good thing to instead divide and use as a weapon.

     I am not saying all of those who choose to believe in God or a god or in a religion are an asshole or idiot or moron. I am saying that those who use religion as a means to justify their ends and as a weapon and tool with which to separate people and make them fight are the assholes and morons and idiots.

Look, many people have been persecuted throughout history. I am not saying the Jewish people have not suffered horribly, I am saying they are not the only ones. How about the American Indians, Blacks, the Irish, Mexicans...want me to continue?

How better to keep Christians enslaved and on the edges of their seats than to continuously spout that the Rapture COULD happen at any minute?

There is truly no shortage of people willing to give their two cents on when Jesus will return and under what circumstances.

     So many within Christianity think they are in a much less violent faith than those of the Muslim faith. Some even think that the Christian faith is not violent at all, but it is the Muslim faith that is wicked, evil, and violent. In reality, there are individuals and groups within religion and without religion and in Christian and the Muslim faiths that are violent and use their faith as a tool of separation instead of as a way to show how much God truly loves everyone.

     Christianity will never be able to rectify the claim that God is love and the assertion that all those who do not believe in the God of the Bible and the salvation of Jesus will suffer great terrors and burn in hell forever. Don't they see the stupidity of their argument that God loves everyone but all those who believe different will burn forever in hell?

     Remember I Corinthians 13:4-7? Love conquers all. Say it with me now, love conquers all. Now, maybe the part where some hellfire preaching boneheads get lost is in the translation of the term 'all' and what such term actually applies to. Well, the word 'all' refers to the entire quantity or extent of the entirety of a thing(s). Some synonyms of all are: wholly, entirely, completely, altogether. Not a real difficult concept, is it?

     Now then, and follow me closely here so I don't lose you in what many of the elite uber-religious find hard to follow, if love conquers all, then that is exactly what it means. It conquers all. It does not matter the differences in religion or the choice to have no faith at all. Race does not matter. Gender does not matter. Who or how a person chooses as a partner in an intimate relationship does not effing matter.

     You ding-dongs out there in the land of Love-Conquers-All-But-It-Is-An-All-That-Does-Not-Encompass-Everything need to go back over your understanding of what love and God are in relation to each other. Get it through your thick skulls that your limitations on love and how God would choose to express that love that He is supposed to have for everyone is completely incompatible of what your very own scriptures say.

   Oh, but there are those staunch believer who will cling to the idea that the emergence of equality for gays and lesbians is a sure sign of the End Times and serve only to pollute the world and innocent children. Interesting. I did not realize that Christianity, or any religion for that matter, had the full rights in determining what love is and is not and what it can and cannot be:

Good for you and what you think marriage should consist of. Nice. It is your freedom to believe that way. However, it is NOT your right to insist that your opinion of marriage in regards to religion and what you say God thinks of is not your right to press your religious opinions into political legislation by which everyone must live by. Religion has no business in politics, so fuck off.

Rick Warren, good for you and your interpretation of relationships and marriage as so stated by the opinions and rulings and whatnot of your fairytale deity. I don't mind hearing your opinion. I do, however, mind you trying to make me live my life according to your absurd spiritual beliefs. I am not a Christian and am most certainly NOT bound by the laws of your hateful faith. So again...fuck off.

Here, Rick Warren tries to elucidate on what freewill is in Christianity, right? So, God gave everyone freewill to make choices, but you had better pick God and Jesus or else you shall surely die. Seriously deluded man, Rick Warren.

Here we go again with some fundamentalist nut bravely standing up to society and declaring that gays and lesbians should not have the right to marry. You see, the way freaks like this put it you would think that the rights of the religious are being infringed upon. That is not the case. No one is saying this slug has to marry another man. But I tell you this, his holiness cannot tell me I cannot marry another woman if I so choose.

What do you know? Jesus and God support violence toward children. You touch a child in violence and you will find your happy ass in jail.

Some people are just so hateful there really isn't much to say. This guy goes in the Douche Bag Hall of Fame. Nothing like supporting murder and hate in the name of Jesus.

Wow. WOW.

     So, oh great religious swamis...what else that we see going on in the world is a sure sign of the End Times? What's that you say? Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, sinkholes, melting icecaps, rising atmosphere temp and depleting ozone layer are ALL signs of the End Times? Whew! Good thing you put me straight on that, because I was thinking those things were just part of the natural geologic functions of the LIVING PLANET that we live on. Shee-it. And here I was thinking that the earthquake had something to do with shifting tectonic plates and subduction.

More scary bullshit happily supported by many who truly believe their spin on life and living and culture and society is the only truth to live by.

Another video intended to scare people into converting to one of the most hateful and fear-based religions ever.

Don't you just love the sound of the air-raid siren at the beginning of the video?

You know, if people took the time to learn more about the geologic processes of this planet and about the behavior patterns of the creatures that share the planet with us they would be far less afraid of things that are in all reality natural occurrences.

     Yes, many of these video clips and films are completely driven by fear. Those who cling tenaciously to their belief that mankind is doomed (as per the supposed divinely imparted words of the Bible and various other scriptures) look for the tiniest fact or fragment of a fact or even something that is simply misconstrued as fact due to unreasonable ideas and concepts of divine wrath, and then take all of that crap, fashion a deadly doughnut of despair, and then feed that shit to as many people as possible. Unfortunately, there are many people who grab this poisonous treat as they are hungry...they are ravenously hungry for salvation as a direct result of religious fear digging a deep pit within them.

     These are not by any stretch of the imagination the End Times. There is no end. There never has been an end. Everything simply IS. The settings may change. The players may change. The prosperity may change. The climate and the technology and the interactions of cultures may change. Everything has and is and can and will change. That is the character and function of existence: matter and energy. Energy is never destroyed but rather simply shifts into a new expression of that energy.

     Besides, if you approach the issue from the angle of God being eternal and in and of and for and to reality you will see there cannot be an End Times. Since God is supposed to be the ultimate in everything he would be making a critical and irrevocable mistake...

     ...Because in ending time God would in effect be destroying himself.

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