Sunday, December 15, 2013

Psalms Part I: Just a Few Questions

If you thought the temperament of the Divine was going to improve with a more poetic approach you were sadly mistaken. So sorry to pop your bubble, but I suppose somebody had to. Take a peek at some of these, consider the questions, and then offer some answers.

1. Psalm 1:2
but his delight is in Yahweh's law. On his law he meditates day and night.

1. Have you read some of Jehovah's laws? Do you find them delightful? Do you really think you should meditate on these laws day and night? How about the law that says to stone your kids if they sass you? Or, better yet, how about the law where a rapist can marry his victim? Isn't that delightful?

2. Psalm 1:6
For Yahweh knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked shall perish.

1. can God know the way of the righteous when He consistently punishes people for things they did not do?

2. But...isn't following God strikingly, suspiciously similar sounding to the way of the wicked since fuck-loads of people drop like flies anytime anyone listens to any of the hair-brained ideas Senor Yahweh stews up?

3. Psalm 2:1-4
Why do the nations rage, and the peoples plot a vain thing?

The kings of the earth take a stand, and the rulers take counsel together, against Yahweh, and against his Anointed, saying,

"Let's break their bonds apart, and cast their cords from us."

He who sits in the heavens will laugh. The Lord will have them in derision.

1. Well, do you think that maybe the nations are in an uproar because of the bullshit God pulls for His own glorification? I mean, didn't God even fudge the language of the people at the Tower of Babel because He didn't like how they were working together?

2. You can't say the kings take a stand against the Lord ALWAYS of their own accord, right? Doesn't it say in Exodus that it was God/the Lord who hardened Pharaoh's heart against what the Lord wanted? Does that even sound anywhere near ethical?

3. And WHY does God laugh, hummm? Is it because of all the shitty things He gets people to do to each other? What kind of loving father laughs at fighting children?

4. Psalm 3:1
Yahweh, how my adversaries have increased! Many are those who rise up against me.

1. Wouldn't this depend on how pissed off at you God is?

5. Psalm 3:3
But you, Yahweh, are a shield around me, my glory, and the one who lifts up my head.

1. Sure, a shield so long as you do exactly what God wants no matter what, right?

6. Psalm 4:5
Offer the sacrifices of righteousness. Put your trust in Yahweh.

1. Sacrifice of righteousness? How in the fuck can you righteously kill something that did nothing wrong in order to pay for something YOU did wrong?

7. Psalm 4:8
In peace I will both lay myself down and sleep, for you, Yahweh alone, make me live in safety. For the Chief Musician, with the flutes. A Psalm by David.

1. You mean safety like when a global mega-flood killed all people and animals and plants...with the exception of eight freaking people and a handful of animals on a floating asylum?

8. Psalm 5:4-5
For you are not a God who has pleasure in wickedness. Evil can't live with you.

The arrogant shall not stand in your sight. You hate all workers of iniquity.

1. Really? Well then God must really hate Himself, right?

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